When it comes to roof plumbing, always call a pro!

With the rise of the DIY show many have taken the attitude that a handyman’s toolbox and a bit of elbow grease are all you need to take on any job around the home. Fair enough too. With the clever editing seen in these blockbuster TV shows we can understand why people at home assume that the contestants can succeed at any building task set out for them. That’s why companies like Bunnings sponsor these shows! In the real, non-glamorised world there are many tasks that only a professional should take on and the need for a highly skilled individual is nowhere more evident than on the roof of your home.

Roofers spend years above our heads diligently working away perfecting their trade. Intricate tasks like making sure the colorbond sheets meet and greet each other at the perfect angle specified by an architect a hundred kilometres away. They are across why gutters must be perfectly angled to discharge our rainwater at just the right rate for downpipes in the instance of a 100 year storm and know how to make it happen. This correct guttering will then fill rainwater tanks that are then used to water veggie gardens and crisp green lawns all over the country.

Snips, nibblers and grinders are worked expertly by these tradesmen as they flash and cap edges, ridges and valleys to ensure that even sidewards rain doesn’t penetrate your homes exterior.

In a sunburnt country like Australia the last thing you want to play fast and loose with is your ability to collect and redistribute rainwater.

It takes a long time to understand how water really works in terms of the plumbing system in your house and it is know-how only a licenced roofer possesses. Knowledge accrued after many long days at technical college and even longer days on hot roofs.

Next time you need a leaky roof fixed or a sky light flashed do yourself and the integrity of your house a favour – use a licenced roof plumber. Save yourself the bucket-emptying, roof rusting, plaster bubbling heart ache of a DIY nightmare – call an expert in like No Doubt Plumbing!

Mary Kate Manning

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