What is Workers Compensation Claims?

004Regardless of whether you are a casual, part time or full time employee, if your work has made you sick or injured you are eligible to access compensation. Workers Compensation exists to make sure that you, the employee, are not mistreated by your employing company. You have legal rights, but knowing them and how to gain access to them is important.

Reporting Injuries
You have the right to claim for compensation, regardless of the wishes of your employer. If they direct you to not apply, you should include this information when you claim. Most importantly, you should report an injury, even if you don’t want to make a workers compensation claim at that time. Injuries can worsen and begin to cost money and then you will want the compensation.

It is also important to make a claim within the time frame of 6 months after your injury, or after you incur costs as a result of your injury. Claims are still possible outside this timeframe, though they are more likely to be rejected by your employer. This means that you may need to appeal to the Workers Compensation tribunal and cite the reason for your late judgment. A workers compensation lawyer can help you with this.

Privacy And Confidentiality
At all times your privacy should be respected by your workplace, the compensation board and your lawyer. Compensation lawyers in Adelaide can help make sure the whole process is carried out confidentially and ensure your access to your legal rights.

To find out more about your legal rights and ensure you receive reimbursement for any costs and compensation for your injury, contact a compensation lawyer in Adelaide. Having professional legal advice will ensure that you access all the funds you are eligible for, and maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

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