What Happens After an Injury at Work?

One of the most important steps in a WorkCover claim is the report of an injury or incident. This report will form the primary basis for a later claim and as such is a legal document. It is important to be informed about the process of reporting an injury or incident properly and about the further consequences of this report. If you have been injured at work you need to report the incident immediately and seek legal help if you would like to make a claim.

Immediate Response

If there has been an injury at the workplace it is important to file a report stating all the details of this injury. If you are the injured party you should seek a medical assessment when possible and keep all documentation. If the incident is ‘notifable’ it needs to be reported to WorkCover immediately. Notifiable incidents are deaths, serious injury or dangerous incidents. When in doubt, act immediately.

This action (obviously following any necessary medical or emergency attention) should be a call to WorkCover on 13 10 50 for urgent investigation. The following action should be to notify your insurer within 2 days (48 hours).

Until a WorkCover agent has visited the incident site it must be preserved. This is a legal requirement. If you are the injured party and you feel some or all of these procedures have not been followed you should speak with your Adelaide lawyers .

Penalties for Non-Report

Under Australian legislation there are penalties for those who do not report properly any incidents. You should notify WorkCover if you feel these procedures have not been followed and continue being advised by your lawyer.

Making a Claim

After an incident has been reported, whether a notable incident or not, the claims process can begin. Some incidents may first appear unimportant but after some time become problematic for the worker. If this is the case you may still have time to start your claim, so reporting all incidents is important. The benefits you can receive depend on a large amount of factors so it is recommended that you seek counsel on Adelaide WorkCover claims, rather than attempting to seek compensation alone.

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