Turn Distances into a Journey of Love

marriage counselingAs humans, we often let negativity take over our emotions bringing an end to precious relationships, including years of marriage. There are plenty of reasons for why a relationship goes sour, even if a couple has been together for a long time. Life support offers marriage counseling, as well as services which includes financial problems, trust issues, sexual difficulties, etc.

Falling “Out of Love” with that One “True Love”

Marriage is a very beautiful bond, but, eventually, many believe that it is very easy to fall out of love than to love the same person for the rest of your life. Love is a beautiful experience on its own; you believe that your beloved has entered your life for a purpose and will exist in a special place where no one else can. Unfortunately, after a point in time, said love starts to wane.

That does not have to come to pass though if you tackle the issues that triggered it. The reason can be something as simple as not giving enough time to your significant other. The husband works and the wife is busy throughout the day as well. When both are free, they are too exhausted to spend time with one another. You will not know what the real issue is until both of you explain your situation and thinking with a marriage counseling expert.

Feeling Cheated on or Betrayed

If you feel that your better half is drifting away from you and is in fact, cheating then it’s natural to feel betrayed. Instead of approaching them, you tend to make assumptions; this can make things worse though. This kind of situation requires an expert who has experience handling. He/she can explain each of your perspectives while making sure there is no miscommunication in the middle.

Loss of Sexual Interest

If your wife or husband hesitates or refuses to reciprocate your feelings in bed it does not mean they are cheating on you, and nor does it mean that he or she is not in love with you anymore. The reason could be a medical one. Individuals start to show low sex drive if they have a latent medical condition. In such case, it is important to save the marriage or relationship before things get out of control by going to a doctor. However, if that isn’t the case, the best thing to do is to go to a marriage counselor to rekindle the passion.

Turn the distance apart into a journey together today with Life Support’s marriage counseling. Call us today at 1300 735 030.

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