Major Power Outage Hits the City of Darwin

The northern Australian city of Darwin has been hit by a major blackout, forcing establishments and traffic light to a grinding halt.

The power cut began in the early hours of Wednesday, which was caused by a tripped circuit at a sub-station. It affected all of Darwin, closing government offices and the bus network.

The outage hit the whole city of 130,000 and extended more than 300km south to the town of Katherine.

By mid-morning, power was back on in some suburbs and outlying areas but thousands of residents and businesses were still waiting.

A statement on the territory government’s described that the NT service has mobilised its emergency management protocols to ensure the community’s safety.

All schools were closed, yet the children who are already on buses will be taken to their schools and the department of education will arrange on a case by case basis to get them home.

Territory public servants are encouraged to stay at home and await further advice on power restoration, unless advised by their department.

Local officials say it will be some time before power is restored to all areas, however.

Source: BBC News Asia –┬áMajor blackout hits Australian city of Darwin

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