Large Protests in Opposition to the Shark Cull


Source: ABC News

The environmental group are protesting to challenge the legality of the State Government’s program of setting drum lines off beaches in Perth and South West.

The policy was brought in after a wave of fatal shark attacks in WA, with Premier Colin Barnett saying public safety at risk.

The lines were put in place in January after the Federal Government granted the state an exemption from laws which protects great white sharks. All bull, tiger, and great white sharks more than three metres in length that are caught on the hooks are killed under the policy.

Lawyers for Sea Sheperd claimed that the exemption is illegal because it wasn’t properly documented in the government gazette and applied for judicial review.

It is said by Jeff Hansen, the managing director of Sea Shepherd Australia that the culling isn’t making the beaches safer, as they are baiting and bringing the sharks closer to the shores.

Premier Colin Barnett says he is confident that his policy will withstand the challenge, as it has followed all procedures.

Justice James Edelman deferred his ruling on the matter until 4:00PM (WST).

Source: ABC News – “WA shark cull: Decision due on Sea Shepherd legal bid over baited drum lines”

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