FAQs about Car Accident Compensation

Involvement in a road accident resulting in physical or mental injury entitles you to compensation, unless you are at fault. This compensation can cover a large range of costs and varies hugely depending on specific circumstances/.You may be eligible even if you are partly at fault for an accident.

In Australia it is required that every driver have third party insurance, and so you make your claim against the driver’s CTP insurer when claiming personal injury compensation.

What Will Compensation Cover?

Personal injury compensation could cover a number of costs sustained to you and your family due to the injury., direct costs such as medical and hospital costs can be covered, as well as projected future rehabilitation costs. You may also be able to claim for indirect costs such as for the pain of physical and psychological injuries. In some cases where the injury is quite severe you may be able to claim for your lost ability to earn wages during the period of injury, or your ongoing inability to work due to injuries. If you have a dependant spouse or children you may also be able to claim more. The amount you can claim will depend upon the severity of your injury and it’s impact on your life.

In Adelaide car accident compensation may also be available for other costs. Non personal injury claims may be able to cover your expenses due to the loss of your car. These may be the restoration of the car, purchase of a new vehicle and travel costs during this period.

Making a Claim:

If you have been the victim of a road based accident; as a pedestrian, driver, passenger or cyclist, you should make a claim if you have been injured. Your first step should be seeking advice from trustworthy Adelaide compensation lawyers who can evaluate the potential to receive compensation. If there is grounds for compensation you can make a claim yourself, or have a lawyer guide you through the often difficult and complicated process.

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