Dealing With Emotional Strain After A Workplace Injury

If you’ve been injured at work then the strain on your finances, relationships and ability to work can be huge. Depending on the circumstances and severity of your injury at work you may not be able to return to work immediately, or in fact you may never be able to return. While there is often a lot of focus on the financial repercussions of this, you should also take time to look after your mental and emotional health.

Know the Signs of Emotional Strain

It is important to recognize problems after a workplace injury that may not only be physical. Acknowledge the way you are feeling about your life after an injury. This may be difficult depending on the severity of your injury and it’s long term impact on your work and life. If need be, consider seeking psychological help. Feeling depressed, anxious or unable to focus are signs of psychological trauma following an accident. If you aren’t sure if an accident has emotionally affected you, consider the way you felt before the accident and the way you feel now -about yourself and your work.

Ask for Help from your Workplace

Your employer is legally required to help you return to work if your doctor deems you are partially or wholly fit to return to work. Getting back to work can help relieve financial stress, as well as give back direction and a sense of self confidence. If you aren’t able to do your old job, you might be able to work in a different field, or slowly gain back hours until you are back to normal. Resigning is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, going back to the workplace can help you feel that your life is returning to the way you want it.

Get the Compensation you Deserve

workplace-accidentTrauma after an incident can be hard enough to deal with, without the financial strain that can come from not being able to work. Make sure you discuss with your worker’s compensation lawyers any financial costs you have incurred due to your injury –these could be your partner taking time out of work to care for you, medical bills, time off work and more.

Stay Positive

Everything can be overwhelming after a workplace injury, but it is important to stay positive. Trying to continue with as many normal activities as possible and believing in your rehabilitation will help you deal with the physical and emotional strain you are under. According to WorkCover SA, about 80% of South Australian injured workers are back at work within 12 weeks. That number skyrockets to 90% after a year. Thinking positively about your future actually improves your likelihood of a successful return to work.

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